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Nov. 28th, 2011


Flea Market!

Fancy myself doing a flea market and of all places, Teban Gardens! Thanks to my sister!
Anyhow, was a interesting experience although only managed to sell 3 pieces of old stuff, still not too bad i guess...

So it's pictures time!

Have my fav Chai Tow Kway first before i start my lovely flea day

Finally get to set up

My sis's products. i like these esp Domo one

Fit guy spotted flea-ing away too with GF!

Finally all in a summary photo. Very unglam~~

In the end i got this for us. Lol

That's all for Flea day~~~

Nov. 23rd, 2011

You are the Apple of my Eye

Just finish watching this very nice Taiwanese movie 'You are the Apple of my eye' and find it very heart warming and so much better then i expected it to be. Find the male lead cute, but dun think he has a very nice butt in his nude scenes in the movie though...


To me, the movie relate how humans like you and me deal with relationship and love, and how hard it is to sometimes express love to the one you fancy. Sometimes chance only come by that often and one should cherish it and not let it pass. 

However, what really touches my heart is when the male lead says instead of jealousy, he actually feel happy when he sees the person he likes attain their happiness after finding their love....i think that is very true. If you really love someone, you would always just want to see them happy, even if the two of you did not end up staying together...rite?


Nov. 8th, 2011

Jakarta Trip

The Jakarta trip was kinda impromptu but was a very good relaxing trip. :)

Lumire hotel was not so bad, just that cab drivers seems to like to take us round and round and do not like to return change for cab fare, which is quite a turn off.

We also made a 2 wasted trips to Apollo since it was not open at all, spent too much on all the cabbies! 

Oct. 23rd, 2011

Playing Badminton

It been a while since i step into badminton court. But today session is quite good, lots of new faces and had a good 'workout', in a way...
Even got a racket.

When was the last time i play badminton? hmmm like at least 7 yrs ago? Hope i dun get any cramps tmr. It's also been a while since i last hang out with a big group. Guess i am really into the next phrase of my life..a new chapter.

Oct. 19th, 2011


Foreigners and TV show

Tot of something to write while i was showering in the toilet. But can't seems to recall now...haiyo getting old...

Anyway had a meeting today with the team, lucky MP wasn't around to test so us, so meeting was short and sweet. No comments from me, only a Sa-wat-dee kraup from me, since i handle mostly Thai booking haha..oh well..

Seems to get those irritating kind of local clients recently who like to bug me for most meager of things, testing my patience to the max. One of which keep changing his flights and doesn't seems to register what i told him over the phone. Thank god for my patience!! Anyway i was glad that he actually call me up personally to thank me for all the help rendered when he is supposed to be in slumberland in Brazil. So i was happy for a while in the morning until another irritating one came along after that...oh well...work.

Oh ya, i remember what i wanted to blog, its about the recent CH8 series at 9pm! Only managed to catch a glimpse of it and find it pretty appalling that they are magnifying all the issues on foreigners staying in Singapore. Frankly, although i do find Singapore too pack for comfort at times, but i do like a multi-cultural society.  I mean come-on, there are all types of pple in the world rite, so even with or without foreigners, sometimes you still get the same shit from mass of pple around you. I also dun think SIngapore is the only country with over crowding issues! Anyway I think i am pretty happy in my team which consist of a Philppino girl and Malaysian and we do get along pretty well. So knows you may just need their help when you are overseas one of these days rite?  

Jul. 21st, 2011


China China

 Yeah finally can plan a trip to China!!

Jun. 26th, 2011

More for less?

Sometimes u get more when u expect less.
True? i think so. 

Jun. 18th, 2011

Purpose or no purpose

Sometimes i find myself lingering on websites like Facebook and some other websites...without much purpose. When i am supposed to pack my bag and head to the gym on a weekend. It seems like a habit hard to quit...

Fridae, one of the other website that i checked every now and lingered around. And I had recently read my old blogs there, which seems to be written with much more innocence and carefree thoughts. I don't think I can be back to where I was, not that i wish to be back to those more innocence days, but I cannot deny that those old blogs seems to reflect a happier me. But anyway, guess one just have to move on, since there's different purpose at different stages of our lives. Just have to smile more i guess, maybe it will be easier to lighten up the days? :)

May. 12th, 2011



Sometimes when things happen too fast around us...we lost track of ourselves. Then it is time to reflect, to re-align...

Apr. 17th, 2011

Hand writing Analysis

I have signed up for the handwriting analysis course posted by JobsDB and went for it yesterday. It was a rather basic session and in my opinion, touches only the surface of a rather profound study of human characteristic and behaviour. The presenter is the very humourous Mr William Pang, a certified handwriting expert who specialise in forensic study of handwriting. He has his own profile too at http://www.handwritingprofiler.net/consult.htm.

He's good, and very experience in his field of expertise. Thru his session, I think I have gain new insights with the many real life examples which he shared with us. I have also realized some of my misjudgement of others. I guess that explain certain things that puzzles me. And yes, i do judge people! Everyone does, even i am a victim right? heh


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